UK DfT Airport Supplies - Managers

Enhance airport supplies security with our UK DfT Airport Supplies - Manager Recurrent course. Equip managers with essential knowledge and skills for effective screening and compliance.
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  • 1.1 The threat to aviation
  • 1.2 Legal requirements, objectives & organisation of aviation security
  • 1.3 Reporting procedures
  • 2 Response to security incidents
  • 3.1 Prohibited articles
  • 3.2 Methods of concealment
  • 4 Screening methods
  • 5 Visual check
  • 6 Hand searching
  • 9 Transportation requirements
  • 10 Challenging unauthorised persons
  • 11 Protection of airport supplies
  • 12.1 Legal requirements
  • 12.2 The security restricted area
  • 12.3 Principles of airport supplies security regime
  • 12.4 Response to security incidents
  • 13.1 Motivating and managing staff
  • 15 Quality control - national and international

Course aims & objectives

Airport Supplies for Manager - This course is designed for Managers of persons implementing security controls and screening of airport supplies.

Course aims and objectives:
To ensure that all trained staff understand their role and responsibilities in relation to the security of airport supplies.
To provide persons who screen airport supplies with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the effective screening of airport supplies.
To provide persons working for known suppliers who have access to airport supplies with the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective security in accordance with the relevant legislation.