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On-Line Training - Cargo Manager (CM) - Equivalent to old Level G (inc. Visual Inspection, Hand Search, X-Ray and ETD)

  • The Threat to Aviation
  • Aviation Security - Organisation & Legislation
  • Protecting Air Cargo - Warehouse*
  • Protecting Air Cargo - Drivers*
  • Protecting and Searching Aircraft*
  • Reacting To and Reporting of Suspicious Circumstances & Security Incidents
  • Security Controls for Air Cargo
  • Warehouse Acceptance and Dispatch of Air Cargo
  • Prohibited Articles
  • Methods of Concealment
  • Overview of Screening Methods & Selection of the Most Appropriate Method
  • Visual Inspection*
  • Hand Search*
  • X-Ray*
  • Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)*
  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)*
  • Remote Explosive Scent Tracing (REST)*
  • Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDD)*
  • Metal Detection Equipment (MDE)*
  • The Supervisor
  • Security Managers

*This training should only be delivered where it is relevant to the trainee's duties / equipment used.


On-line training courses can only be booked for your own use. Booking for multiple participants or for anyone other than yourself is only available to contracted customers.

If you would like to find out more details about our training courses and contracts, please contact us.

£320.00 per entry