Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road & Sea

Stay updated on the latest regulations for Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Sea in our 2-day refresher course. Reinforce knowledge and ensure compliance
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Course aims & objectives

A two day refresher course for those who have already undertaken an initial carriage of dangerous goods by road & sea course but need to refresh their knowledge and understand the most up to date regulations.  If you are not a contracted customer to book a place please call us on 020 8831 0724 or email us.

Upcoming Class Dates include:
27th-28th September 2023 at our Heathrow Training Facility

15th-16th November 2023 at our Heathrow Training Facility

Cost: £300 plus VAT per delegate

Embark on a dynamic learning journey with our two-day Recurrent Dangerous Goods by Road and Sea training course – the ultimate refresher for individuals who have previously completed an initial carriage of dangerous goods by road and sea course. This course is strategically designed to reignite and amplify your expertise, equipping you with the latest regulations and insights in the realm of hazardous goods transportation.

Led by seasoned instructors, this refresher course serves as a comprehensive update, ensuring your knowledge remains at the forefront of industry standards. Dive into the most current regulations, explore emerging best practices, and sharpen your skills in classifying, packing, marking, labeling, and documenting dangerous goods for transportation.

As the hazardous goods landscape evolves, so should your proficiency. This course promises to breathe new life into your existing knowledge, providing a vibrant platform to engage with the latest industry trends and regulatory nuances. Our instructors, well-versed in the ever-changing dynamics of dangerous goods transportation, will facilitate an immersive learning experience that ensures your professional competence.

To secure your place in this transformative journey, simply reach out to us at 020 8831 0724 or send us an email. If you're committed to staying ahead in the world of hazardous goods transportation, this course is your opportunity.

Mark your calendars for upcoming classes at our Heathrow Training Facility:

27th-28th September 2023
15th-16th November 2023
Elevate your knowledge at an investment of £300 plus VAT per delegate, a nominal fee for the invaluable expertise you'll gain. Don't miss the chance to fortify your skills and be at the forefront of safe and compliant hazardous goods transportation. Enroll today and journey toward renewed proficiency and success.