Lithium Batteries

Master the safe shipment of lithium batteries by air, road, and sea with our specialized training course. Learn the requirements for shipping batteries independently, with equipment, and in equipment
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Course aims & objectives

A specialised course covering the shipment of lithium ion and lithium metal batteries by air, road and sea which looks at the requirements for shipping batteries by themselves, with equipment and in equipment. 

The Lithium Batteries Training Course is a comprehensive and specialized program that focuses on the safe shipment of lithium ion and lithium metal batteries by air, road, and sea. This course provides in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements and regulations governing the transportation of batteries, whether shipped individually, with equipment, or within equipment.

The course begins with an overview of the applicable UK legislation governing the movement of dangerous goods by air, establishing a foundation of understanding for participants. It covers the basics of regulations, including the responsibilities of shippers and operators, as well as the crucial training requirements and considerations for ensuring compliance.

One essential aspect addressed in the course is the importance of dangerous goods (DG) security, emphasizing the need for robust security measures when handling lithium batteries. Participants gain insights into the limitations and restrictions imposed on the transportation of dangerous goods by aircraft, including the identification of forbidden/hidden DG, limited and excepted quantities of DG in passenger baggage.

Classification of dangerous goods is thoroughly explored, enabling participants to accurately categorize lithium batteries according to their specific hazards. The course also delves into the effective identification and use of the DG list, facilitating proper handling and documentation.

Packaging requirements play a vital role in ensuring the safe transportation of lithium batteries, and the course provides comprehensive guidance on general packing requirements, specific packing instructions, and alternative packaging options. Participants gain a deep understanding of packaging specifications and performance tests, including the marking and labeling of UN specification packaging.

Documentation is another crucial aspect covered in the course, focusing on the Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods (DG) and the air waybill. Participants learn the essential elements of accurate and compliant documentation, ensuring smooth and lawful shipment of lithium batteries.

By completing the Lithium Batteries Training Course, participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to safely handle, package, and document the transportation of lithium ion and lithium metal batteries. This training equips individuals with the expertise to adhere to regulations, mitigate risks, and contribute to the overall safety and security of transporting dangerous goods.

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