Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air

Stay up-to-date with current Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations in our 2-day revalidation course. Refresh skills, confirm knowledge, and address key regulation updates for DG by air
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Course aims & objectives

A 2 day revalidation course that brings already qualified students up to date with the current DG regulations. A legal requirement to be carried out within 24 months of initial certification this course allows candidates to practice their skills and reconfirm their knowledge of DG by air as well as focussing on any significant changes to the regulations.

Embark on a comprehensive two-day Recurrent Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air Certification Training Course, a paramount journey meticulously tailored to recalibrate proficient practitioners with the latest DG regulations. This imperative revalidation, mandated by law within 24 months of initial certification, ensures that participants are at the forefront of compliance and safety. Delve into an immersive blend of theory and practice, enabling you to fine-tune your expertise and reaffirm your mastery of DG logistics by air.

Your voyage commences with an enlightening Introduction to Dangerous Goods, setting the stage for an in-depth exploration of subsequent modules. Navigate the intricate terrain of Applicability and Limitations, unraveling the pervasive influence of these regulations in multifaceted operational landscapes.

Delve into the realm of Classification of Dangerous Goods, where the distinct characteristics of hazardous materials are scrutinized and categorized. Peer into the complexities of Dangerous Goods Identification, encompassing the enigmatic Not Otherwise Specified (N.O.S.) classification, and proceed to scrutinize the art of General Packing Requirements with their associated Packing Instructions.

Embark on a detailed exploration of Transporting Lithium Batteries, complete with comprehensive Packing Instructions, and delve into the scientific dimensions of UN Package Specifications and Tests. Master the crucial realm of Dangerous Goods Marking and Labelling, appreciating the paramount importance of these identifiers in ensuring safe transport.

Navigate the labyrinth of Dangerous Goods Documentation, understanding its pivotal role in compliance, and transition to the practical aspects of Dangerous Goods Handling, incorporating DG Acceptance and Safety protocols. Your journey culminates in an open-book exam, allowing you to showcase your refined understanding and knowledge.

Successfully completing the course elevates you to the ranks of proficient DG practitioners, earning you a distinguished certificate that attests to your adherence to the latest DG regulations. This certificate holds a two-year validity, signifying your unwavering dedication to compliance and excellence in the intricate realm of dangerous goods transportation by air.