Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities by Air, Road, and Sea

A specialised course on shipping dangerous goods in excepted and limited quantities by air, road and sea. Fully approved by the CAA and certificate valid for two years
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Course aims & objectives

Discover the intricacies of shipping dangerous goods in limited and excepted quantities through our specialized course - Dangerous Goods in Limited Quantities by Air, Road, and Sea. This comprehensive training delves into the nuanced regulations governing the transport of small quantities of hazardous materials by air, road, and sea.

Unveil the intricacies of packing, marking, labeling, and document completion essential for ensuring the safe shipment of limited quantities of dangerous goods. The air module of this course holds full approval from the esteemed Civil Aviation Authority, underscoring its credibility and relevance in the industry.

Delivered by seasoned experts, this course offers a profound understanding of the provisions that govern the transport of small amounts of hazardous materials. Whether you’re involved in air, road, or sea transportation, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of limited quantity shipments.

Upon successful completion, delegates are awarded a prestigious certificate, valid for two years, attesting to their expertise and adherence to the regulations.

To secure your place, contact us at 020 8831 0724 or email admin@tsagp.com.

Investment in your professional growth is only £400 plus VAT per delegate - a small price to pay for acquiring invaluable insights and skills in the dynamic world of limited quantity dangerous goods shipping. Enroll today and empower yourself with knowledge that makes a difference.

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