NXCT - Hold Baggage

Ensure hold baggage screening competency with our Cargo NXCT Assessment. Pass the UK National X-ray Competency Test for re-certification every 13 months.
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Course aims & objectives

Competency test for hold baggage screening.
Re-certification for persons operating x-ray equipment, must include their completing and passing the UK National X-ray Competency Test, at least every 13 months.

The NXCT Hold Baggage Assessment is a crucial competency test designed for individuals involved in hold baggage screening. This assessment ensures the re-certification of personnel operating x-ray equipment, ensuring their continued competence in maintaining aviation security standards. It is a mandatory requirement that individuals operating such equipment must successfully complete and pass the UK National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) at least once every 13 months.

During the assessment, individuals will be evaluated on their proficiency in performing hold baggage screening tasks using x-ray equipment. The assessment consists of comprehensive evaluations and examinations to validate the screener's abilities and knowledge in identifying potential threats and prohibited items within hold baggage.

Participants will encounter a variety of scenarios and test materials relevant to hold baggage screening, including realistic images and simulated situations. These tests are designed to assess the individual's competence in accurately identifying and evaluating potential security risks and responding appropriately.

Successful completion of the NXCT Hold Baggage Assessment signifies that individuals have maintained a high level of proficiency in hold baggage screening procedures and are up-to-date with the latest regulations and security measures. It ensures that personnel possess the necessary skills to identify and mitigate potential threats, contributing to the overall safety and security of air travel.

Receiving re-certification through the NXCT Hold Baggage Assessment is a testament to an individual's commitment to maintaining their knowledge and expertise in the field of hold baggage screening. It serves as a reassurance that these professionals possess the required skills and qualifications to perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

By upholding the rigorous standards set by the UK National X-ray Competency Test, the NXCT Hold Baggage Assessment plays a critical role in enhancing aviation security and maintaining public safety. It ensures that individuals responsible for hold baggage screening are consistently trained, competent, and capable of carrying out their duties in accordance with industry regulations and best practices.