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Supply Chain

Trying to maintain an adequate level of stock has always been key since the Just-In-Time (JIT) concept was adopted in the 1980’s. The challenging part is to keep enough stock to prevent stock outs, but not so much as to be expensive. More and more businesses pay detailed attention to inventory costs and many opt to subcontract the management and holding of stock to their suppliers. This means that the supplier must have a robust and reliable supply chain to be able to deliver products just before the customer needs them – Just-In-Time (JIT).

Known consignors and transport companies play a very important part in keeping a supply chain safe and secure.  

It is known that terrorists are looking for alternative targets within the transport system. Cargo has become more attractive to them as other sectors harden their countermeasures. Supply chain is essential for the transportation and distribution of products, and even services, in a global fast moving world.

The security of supply chain has become a significant topic in the agenda of transport security. We have worked closely with many players in the market and understand the financial implications of a non-effective supply chain. Security measures play a key part in keeping the chain dynamic. Please contact us for information on how we can help keep your business moving.