Cargo NXCT Pre-Test

Prepare your screeners for success in the National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) with our Cargo NXCT Pre-Test Training. Evaluate readiness and receive valuable feedback from TSA
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Course aims & objectives

The Cargo NXCT Pre-Test is specifically developed to assess the readiness of screeners to undertake the National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT). This examination evaluates the screener's proficiency in identifying various types of objects commonly encountered during cargo screening. It encompasses a range of assessments, including the examination of everyday items, analysis of threat images, and answering multiple-choice questions.

During the exam, screeners will encounter a diverse set of everyday items that may be found in cargo shipments. Their ability to accurately identify and distinguish between harmless objects and potentially dangerous items will be assessed. Additionally, screeners will be presented with simulated threat images to test their capability in recognizing potential threats and taking appropriate action.

To assess knowledge and decision-making skills, multiple-choice questions will be included in the exam. These questions cover a wide range of topics related to cargo screening procedures, regulations, and security protocols. Screeners must demonstrate a sound understanding of these aspects and make informed choices based on their expertise.

Upon completion of the exam, detailed feedback can be requested from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This feedback is invaluable as it provides a comprehensive evaluation of the screener's performance, highlighting strengths and areas that may require improvement. It enables organizations to identify specific training needs and tailor their development programs accordingly, ensuring that screeners are well-prepared for the National X-ray Competency Test.

The Cargo NXCT Pre-Test serves as an essential assessment tool, allowing organizations to gauge the readiness of their screeners for the NXCT. By successfully completing this pre-test and receiving feedback from the TSA, screeners can enhance their skills, knowledge, and overall competency in cargo screening, thereby contributing to the safety and security of transportation systems.