Upgrade to Cargo Manager (CM) Non-Screener

(Module 21 Only)CO, COS, or CS Individuals whose work function now includes Local Implementation of the NASP
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  • 21 Cargo Regulated Agent 2022 - Module 21 - Local Manager

Course aims & objectives

Upgrade Course

For individuals who have already completed CO, COS, or CS (or equivalent) and whose work function now includes Responsibility for Local Implementation of the NASP (Site Security Representative), as per the function matrix.
Managers must complete all modules relating to the function of person they are supervising, in addition to the core modules indicated in the function matrix. Please complete the relevant COS Upgrades courses if you are supervising individuals with screening functions as part of their role.

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Includes Module:
Module 21 - Local Managers

Course Aims and Objectives:
- To ensure that trainees understand their responsibilities for implementing an Aviation Security Programme at a local level

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our Cargo Manager Upgrade training module, designed to fortify your expertise in implementing an Aviation Security Programme (ASP) at a local level. At the heart of this module lies a singular aim - to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of your responsibilities in shaping a resilient aviation security framework within your realm.

Dive into a multifaceted exploration, where you will unravel the intricacies of an entity's ASP, comprehending its imperatives and intricacies. Navigate the labyrinth of aviation security legal requirements, delving into the art of their local management, and gaining insights into their seamless integration within your operational context.

Immerse yourself in the dynamics of a quality management system, honing the skills to orchestrate precision and efficacy in every facet of security implementation. Uncover the essence of quality assurance, equipping yourself with the tools to ensure unwavering standards and continuous improvement.

In the realm of security, escalation procedures are paramount. Acquaint yourself with the protocols that facilitate swift and effective responses to evolving security scenarios, mitigating risks and ensuring unimpeded operations.

Engage in dynamic discussions, where the contours of a robust security culture are unveiled. Through shared insights and collective wisdom, explore the elements that constitute a potent security culture, where vigilance, awareness, and unwavering commitment converge.

Enrich your skill set, amplify your impact, and emerge as a vanguard of aviation security excellence at the local level. This module isn't just a training; it's a transformative experience that empowers you to steer security initiatives with confidence and foresight. Your journey to local aviation security mastery commences here.