(Module 20 Only)Individuals who have completed CO whose work function now includes Direct Supervision of any Persons
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  • 20 Cargo Regulated Agent 2022 - Module 20 - The Role of The Supervisor

Course aims & objectives

Upgrade Course

For individuals who have already completed CO Warehouse (or equivalent) and whose work function now includes Direct Supervision of any Persons Conducting Security Controls, as per the function matrix.
Supervisors must complete all modules relating to the function of person they are supervising, in addition to the core modules indicated in the function matrix. Please complete the relevant COS Upgrades courses if you are supervising individuals with screening functions as part of their role.

Includes Module:
Module 20 - The Role of The Supervisor

Course Aims and Objectives:
- To ensure that trainees understand the role of the supervisor

Embark on an empowering journey with our Cargo Supervisor Upgrade training module, meticulously curated to unravel the multifaceted role of a supervisor in the realm of cargo security. Guided by the aim to foster a profound comprehension of this pivotal role, our course seamlessly integrates critical learning points.

Unveil the dynamic responsibilities of a cargo supervisor, ranging from ensuring quality assurance to effective communication of vital information. Dive into the intricacies of escalation procedures and the art of maintaining robust security measures.

Explore the supervisor's pivotal role in identifying and addressing security concerns among staff, as well as their involvement in shaping local site security processes. Delve into the techniques of on-the-job training, equipping you with the skills to nurture a competent and security-conscious team.

This module isn't just education; it's an empowerment journey for emerging cargo supervisors. Join us to amplify your impact, refine your skills, and embrace your role as a cornerstone of cargo security. Your evolution as a proficient cargo supervisor begins here.