(Module 12)For existing Cargo Operative Screeners whose work function now includes Screening by ETD
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  • 12 Cargo Regulated Agent 2022 - Module 12 - Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

Course aims & objectives

Upgrade Course

For existing Cargo Operative Screeners (COS) (or equivalent) whose work function now includes Screening by ETD, as per the function matrix.

Includes Module:
Module 12 - Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

Course Aims and Objectives:
- To ensure that trainees are able to screen effectively by ETD. This module must be accompanied by a practical day.

Elevate your skills with our Cargo Operative Screener - ETD Upgrade Course. Crafted for seasoned Cargo Operative Screeners (COS) or equivalents, this program sharpens your proficiency in Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) screening, as aligned with the function matrix.

Focused on Module 12 - ETD, our course empowers you to excel in ETD screening techniques. This module is enriched with a practical day, ensuring hands-on application and mastery.

Our aim is clear - equip you to confidently and effectively screen by ETD, enhancing your cargo security capabilities. Elevate your screening expertise with this targeted upgrade, unlocking new dimensions of operational excellence.