(Module 7 only)For individuals who have CO Warehouse whose work functions include Driving Secure Cargo & Mail
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  • 7 Cargo Regulated Agent 2022 - Module 7 - Transport

Course aims & objectives

Upgrade Course

For individuals who have already completed CO Warehouse (or equivalent) and whose work function now include Driving Secure Cargo and Mail, as per the function matrix.

Includes Modules:
Module 7 - Transport

Course Aims and Objectives:
- To ensure that trainees understand the requirements for secure transportation of cargo and mail

Embark on a journey of comprehensive knowledge with our Transport training module. Crafted with a clear aim to empower, this module equips trainees with a profound understanding of the intricacies behind secure cargo and mail transportation.
Navigate through the responsibilities entrusted to drivers, gaining insights into their pivotal role in ensuring safe conveyance. Delve into the depths of the secure supply chain, unravelling the interconnected processes that contribute to an unbroken chain of security.
Enhance your expertise, ensuring the utmost safety and reliability in cargo and mail transportation. Unveil the core principles that underpin secure transit, propelling you towards mastery in this critical aspect of aviation security.