Upgrade - Module 9A ONLY

(Modules 9A ONLY) Individuals whose functions now include Applying Security Controls to Secure Cargo & Mail
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  • 9A Cargo Regulated Agent 2022 - Module 9A - Prohibited Article and Concealments

Course aims & objectives

Upgrade Course

Standalone module 9A ONLY

Includes Modules:
Module 9A - Prohibited Article and Concealments

Course Aims and Objectives:
- To ensure that trainees are able to respond appropriately to prohibited articles

Delve into essential module Prohibited Article and Concealments (Module 9A). Gain a comprehensive understanding of secure air cargo and mail acceptance and dispatch requirements, and develop the skills to effectively respond to prohibited articles.

Our course aims are clear: empower you to navigate the intricacies of cargo and mail security, ensuring flawless acceptance, dispatch, and handling practices, all while seamlessly managing security controls beyond screening.

Take this upgrade opportunity to reinforce your expertise and become a well-rounded force in ensuring the security of cargo and mail operations.